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Hereford Red achieves top 5%

All Hereford Red beef is MSA graded, and has been placed in the top 5% of the country for eating quality. So what does that mean?

MSA (Meat Standards Australia) is a beef grading system developed by Australian scientists and based on over 10,000 independent taste tests, to guarantee the eating quality of beef by distinguishing cuts as either un-grade, 3 star, 4 star or 5 star for various cooking methods and ageing time.

Carcasses that are eligible for MSA grading (from young, stress free cattle) are then assigned an index out of 80, based on the eating quality grade of each cut at a given ageing time.

This index can then be benchmarked against the national average. Of 3.6 million cattle that were MSA graded nationally in 2013/14 Hereford Red achieved an average index in the top 5th percentile.

This means that when you eat Hereford Red beef you are not only tasting the flavour of our farm and our region, you are eating some of the finest beef in the country- proven.

Hereford Red Beef | MSA Top 5 percent

What’s our secret? Our cattle are home bred, they graze on nutritious pastures that grow on balanced and fertile soils, they drink clean fresh spring and creek water, they are healthy and they are handled with care to minimise stress.

For more information on MSA beef grading visit the MLA website.

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