Hereford Red Beef

Natural Grassfed Beef


My grandfather started our family’s affiliation with cattle in the 1940’s as a drover in Victoria. He began breeding Hereford cattle in the 1950’s and re-located in the 1970’s with a growing family and herd to Wandoo Wandong, set in the fertile rolling hills of Yeoval, Central West NSW.

The Farm

Today Wandoo Wandong is a truly sustainable third generation family farm, which supports 3 families and runs 1000 Hereford cows and their calves. My father and I run the property with the help of trusty staff.

Our Cattle

Our cattle are ethically raised, grazing in large paddocks with access to nutritious pasture, clean water, shade and shelter. As we are experienced stockmen we understand our animals and handle them with care at all times. In addition we have installed state of the art facilities to aid natural movements of our cattle which minimises stress during handling.

Our Beef

Our beef is produced seasonally, which means it is available when the cattle are naturally finished on grass. Hereford Red Beef implements strict quality control and traceability programs from paddock to plate so you can be confident that our product is natural, hormone free and grass fed.

All Hereford Red beef is MSA graded in the top (premium) boning groups and is aged at optimum temperature to ensure tenderness, juiciness and flavour.

I am proud that our beef is produced with the care and attention only a family farm can provide.

James Bjorksten

James Bjorksten
Hereford Red Beef
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